How to Get Google Play Music on Android Outside US

As a person living “outside US” which seems to limit me on a lot of platforms, I hate not being able to use some cool stuff that US residents can. One of them is Google Music. I’ve been using the service almost since it came out. To access it outside the US you can simply use a proxy and just go to My all time favorite proxy service is TunnelBear, it’s easy it’s fast and it gives you 500 MBs for free and another 1 gb if you tweet mentioning their twitter account. Once you access it for the first time, you don’t need to use a proxy to access it again anyways which makes it perfect. You just need to use a proxy again to access the Music Shop of Google Play to buy songs. I do, they can have some pretty amazing albums for really good prices occasionally, but you can just use the 20,000 songs you have obtained “legally’ of course. But I’m not going to talk more about this.

After you got your Google Play Music going on, you need to do some simple stuff for your Android.  No you don’t need to root or anything your phone. I didn’t.

1. First you need to get AppInstaller which lets you install .apks to your android right from your memory disk.

2. After installing this, plug in your Android to your PC and select “Disk drive” as the connection type. This will allow you to see the phone’s disk just like an external disk.

3. Then download Google Play Music app’s .apk from here.

4. Move the .apk file of the music app to a newly created folder on the phone’s disk. I named the folder APKs.

5. Choose charging mode from the connectivity on your Android it can read the disk.

6. Launch AppInstaller from your apps drawer.

7. Find the folder you created, tap it. Your files should be right there.

8. Hit the file and click ok or next to whatever comes up. Voila, you have Google Play Music on your android, even though you’re not in US.

You can then add your Google Account to the app. It will take some time to sync all your music with the app. You can also make songs, albums or playlists “available offline” for offline listening. That’s it.


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  1. Ben Collins

    Thankyou so much, now using from the UK!

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