Is it an iPad 3? Is it an iPad HD? Oh it’s only an iPad. Many people don’t care about the name and most people are going to call it “iPad 3” anyway. What is important though is what was Apple aiming with this new product? Now that’s not saying that it will not sell, put an Apple logo on an apple and people will buy it like they’ve never seen an apple in their lives. And criticizing that is not the object of this post. I am merely pointing at the fact that Apple seems to have lost its touch at bringing unimaginable innovation to the table. I may dislike Apple but I am aware that it changed the phone industry, it pretty much created the tablet industry and those were pretty amazing stuff. Where did these go?

The new iPad is a good device by all means. It has a superb display, good internals and an established ecosystem. But what is it really bringing to the game? Nothing. It is the same device as the older one, doing the same stuff. Yes in the long run developers may build apps that takes advantage of the new internals but that’s just going to leave the older devices in vain, trust me I know. What people need from tablets right now is innovation in multitasking, cloud syncing and stuff like that will enable people to carry all their workload on to the tablets from laptops. And to be honest there is only one OS that is on that track and that is Windows 8. It looks amazing, feels natural to use and enables people to do more stuff. I don’t know how it will work out for the desktop version just yet but Microsoft needs to figure that out eventually as well.

What I’m trying to say is Apple needs to evolve their tablet into something more for the close future if it doesn’t want people to think of the iPad as an expensive toy. I am not suggesting that iPads are going to be a failure in the future, of course they will sell. But Apple needs to start thinking ahead.Tablets are going to replace laptops for most people, you don’t need to be a genius to see that. And if they are thinking ahead they needed to show this with the new iPad launch.

Note: I believe Apple is losing its touch at keeping secrets and creating hype. This product launch was the dullest one for a long time.



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