The Convergence of OS’s

I just saw a tweet linking to a tweet which was tweeted (weird) from the new OS X Mountain Lion being shown as “via iOS”. The new cat in town boasts as being inspired from iPad. It has iMessages, Notification Center, Reminder, Notes and Game Center just like iOS. And of course it is no secret that Windows is trying to merge its mobile and computer platform into a one sleek OS. Now that those two are on the track there’s one more player to mention.

Now Google is different from these two companies, since it does not have an established computer OS. Well there’s Chrome OS but I believe it  serves in very situational scenarios only. However with products like Asus Transformer I know there are people out there who started to use Android as their main OS. Now that Android has reached its maturity with Ice Cream Sandwich, I believe the next step for Google is to make it into a full OS. Now I’m not saying that it’s incomplete, it’s certainly one of the best OS’s that I’ve seen (not that I had the chance to use it yet, but that will change soon). But I think that most of the people will agree with me when I say that ICS was created for touch screens. Yes, Android functions well with the touchpad of the Transformer, but from what I’ve read the productivity is just not the same.

So I believe the next step for Google is make  the OS to rule them all. I think that Android 5.0 will have to match Windows 8 (if it lives up to the expectations) so that Android can become people’s main OS. Because you don’t need to have the ability to see into the future to see that phones, tablets, laptops and desktop (in a certain way) are becoming more and more alike. So, this needs to happen.


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