The Goodies of CES: Vizio

As I’ve planned, I want to talk about Vizio today. For me Vizio was an unheard brand as it mostly operates in US. A short research shows that Vizio was founded in 2002 in Irvine, California. It became the leader of the market by selling 600,000 TVs in the second quarter of 2007 and still maintains its leading position by 28% market share for all LCD TVs (units, not dollar volume) in US. That is impressive, and I must add that I’m kind of ashamed that I’ve never heard of it. But that probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve never cared enough for TVs. So naturally I haven’t cared about Vizio either. Until CES.

Vizio showed off its new all-in-one PCs, thin-and-light laptops and tablet. Now I know that most players like Asus and Acer have the same things and its not they are not the best products out there. The thing that excites me with these stuff though is that Vizio seems to have a really neat design, such as unibody laptop, and they actually care about the experience. Because let’s face it; one of Apple’s strongest weapons is looks and solid build quality. I’ve always picked functionality over design but I have to admit that these PCs look quite well and with a kind of futuristic touch too (which is awesome because future is awesome).

All the connections as well as components are in that base of the all-in-one PC so the cables are kept tidy as they can be kept. There are also two built in speakers in the either side of the base. The adapter which is the half-pyramid like piece also functions as a sub-woofer which is brilliant in my opinion. We’ll have to see how a keyboard with buttons that close will function but I wouldn’t really worry about functionality with these guys. There are also two HDMI inputs so you can connect your TV/satellite boxes and a xbox/playstation to that thing. The company, being a TV producer, chose not to include a standard TV tuner. Why? Because they actually researched to find out only 8% of their customers use the built in tuner on their TVs. Wow, valuing customer feedback and tailoring products according to that? I like these guys already.

The thin-and-light laptop basically has similar lines with the all-in-one, also going with the futuristic look. It has unibody with the matte grey color which I rather enjoy. A bit darker than the MacBook. I must add, I love the font they used on keyboard.

There’s nothing really special about the design of the tablet. I would like it much more if they went with the matte-grey look with it as well. This design seems to be on every piece of tablet right now, it’s somewhat boring now. I do think they need to do something about that. The looks are really important for these guys right now because they don’t talk about the components just yet. They use a custom skin for Honeycomb but I’m sure they’ll upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich eventually.

So Vizio really have something going on for them. They have chance to bring that Apple build-quality and design to our beloved PCs. I hear they are working in cooperation with Microsoft as well. But one of the advantages of PC is price I hear you say? Not to worry. These guys use a really competitive pricing policy with their TVs. I hope they approach the PC market the same way because everyone, probably including them, thinks that the PC world needs this kind of thing right now. Well we shall see if they succeed on conquering, not the world, but our hearts.


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