Why Apple failed to enchant us

As you might know, if you live on planet Earth, Apple announced its new smartphone iPhone 4S on October 4, with a number of other things such as the new iPod Nano and some more stuff that I myself haven’t really payed any attention to. However, unlike previous iPhone announcements it failed to wow many people. That’s because people were expecting an iPhone 5 with a new design and awesome new features, but all they got was a mere “S”. Now I usually don’t like Apple’s policies but this move just feels honest. I mean they could have named the thing iPhone 5 and the world would say things like: “amazingly fast” and “AI at it’s best” (going to come to that in a sec). But they didn’t, because it just isn’t good enough to be the next big iPhone and they know it. Yes that does mean I expect an iPhone 5 soon. But the main reason Apple “failed” that day was the fact that they came out with iOS5 before they actually announced the new iPhone. If you name your OS “iOS4” and bring out a phone called iPhone 4 to go with it, people will expect an iPhone 5 when you unveil iOS5.

Overall, though, I don’t think they actually failed yesterday. I think Siri could be promising. Although Android has very good voice commands, Siri is kind of like Jarvis, Tony Stark’s personal assistant which is awesome. It has a very good potential as it understands “human language” as in “do I need to take a raincoat?”. But as Paul Miller pointed out, voice input only is kind of limiting Siri. Another thing worth mentioning about the iPhone 4S it has a new cool camera if you’re into taking photos. Even though I don’t care much about taking photos with my phone, I do realize that being the most used camera on Flickr is a very good thing. Even better if that camera is actually a phone.

All in all I think iPhone 4S will be a stepping stone to something greater for Apple. Yes it’s the usual Apple move of making something just a little bit better and selling it but I mean that’s just capitalism at its best. And I think Apple is really targeting the non-iOS users here with iPhone 4s, meaning the more casual Android users. Because we all know nothing can make Android fans switch. iOS 5 actually closes the gap between Android and iOS with stuff like the long needed notification system. And awesome new AI is just a cool perk. It probably wont be as successful as iPhone 4 but like I said, it doesn’t really matter. They are probably already working on iPhone 5 anyways.

Edit: I actually drafted this post before passing of Steve Jobs. Even though I didn’t always agree with his methods I am, like any other techie, grateful for what he did for the tech industry and the world. There is absolutely no doubt he changed the way we live and the way we perceive. The world has lost one of its greatest pioneers.

On the capitalist front, although it may be too early to talk about this, this will surely affect iPhone 4S sales positively since a lot of people will want to have the last product he worked on. With that said however, I’m sure his influence on consumer tech will continue for decades to come.


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