Why I Won’t Be Using a Smartphone in 2015

Yes, you’ve read correctly. I hoping I won’t be using a smartphone in the near future. Even though I might not give it up just yet, I will consider buying a cheaper one, that preferably runs Android. Yes there are cheap Androids unlike other popular mobile OS’s. The reason for this is the rise of tablet. We knew it was going to happen and I believe it just took off. Windows 8, Honeycomb, Amazon, Asus; seems like everyone is trying to be the next big device these days. I personally am betting on Amazon to be the most popular tablet soon, for reasons I will explain in a different future post. Let me now just explain why I don’t want to carry around a smartphone anymore. But for this post I shall assume that I actually own a tablet and can’t live without it (which will be the case when I get my hands on a Fire).

Back in early 2000s there was this revolution on how we carry around our music. It was called “mp3”. Everyone bought an iPod or, like me, other kinds of mp3 players. Before that we use to carry around bags full of CDs for our Discmans. And even before that we use to carry around cassettes for our Walkmans. Around the time this revolution took place was also the time when the first wave of teenagers who grew up with internet and technology got their hands on mobile phones. But what happened was that these kids had TWO gadgets to carry around with them. Can you believe it? TWO gadgets wherever  you went. And then some genius in some mobile phone company decided that it would be a good idea to put these mp3 players in phones. Then we had Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones (huh, who knew) which combined your mp3 player and phone. I know i ditched my mp3 player and phone for that. Now we are facing a kind of similar problem. I have my tablet, which I read stuff on, surf the web on, listen to music on and send out emails on or just look at funny pictures on and this smartphone which does kind of the same things on a smaller scale and can do one more thing: make phone calls. Here’s my proposal to the next genius: Why not put the ability to make phone calls on tablets? No I don’t want to hold the 10 inch device to my ear. You would just put a Bluetooth headset or any kind of a headset with the tablet and people would make calls from that. You don’t need to look at the tablet to make the phone calls or answer them. We already have very successful voice recognition softwares on our smartphones. I know I would ditch my laptop and smartphone combo for that. You might here someone say “I don’t want to carry around a 7 inch gadget with me just to talk on phone”. Well who cares about that kid. If you are a businessman, a techie, a blogger, a writer, a book fan or just someone who loves to play Angry Bird on a big ass screen you are already very likely to be carrying around either a tablet, an e-reader or a laptop.

So here’s my final message to that genius in a tablet producing company (doesn’t seem to have clear definition these days): do it man, do it for all of us.


About Oraj Bodur

Suspected of having fibre cables instead of veins. Huh.

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