Here I am, with my laptop checked in to service for the third time this month, spending lots of time on my iPhone. Hopefully third time’s the charm. If they can’t manage to fix it this time, I’ll be spending more time on my iPhone writing emails to every related email address I can find in the wonderful world of internetz.

Although I am the kind of person who doesn’t step outside the door without his laptop, I do realize that we are becoming less dependent on big and heavy machines. I am currently at a Starbucks seeing people using their MacBooks and cheap netbooks and thinking that the stuff they are probably doing right now, can be done on a smartphone or a tablet. And I bet we are going to see a lot more people who will use a tablet as a primary computer, with Apple’s move of activating an iPad or iPhone without a computer and HP’s crazy sale of Touchpads for a mere 99 bucks (which caused me to go mad because of the fact I stood watching half a world away when every piece was sold out). And with Windows 8, for reasons I have written in some previous post, as people are (hopefully) going to be able to use their most loved applications (wow that word got stuck) it will be easier to swap for a tablet. Though a lot of people who earn their living from computers (like designers and devs) a computer needs to have good hardware. I believe that if we can get enough hardware on tablets a lot of people will trash their laptops. Imagine having a tablet, one which you can just connect a keyboard and a mouse at home to satisfy your computing needs. I do believe that might just be the future of consumer computers. And it has begun.


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