As it is now summertime and everyone is spread around the country, my facebook feed has been showing an increasing amount of people sharing their location. Since facebook and similar webpages have the purpose of showing off and stalking, people naturally want to show off where they went for holidays. No, no I have not given up my pro-tech ideology in any way just yet. I’m simply pointing out that it will surely be interesting to see how this will affect people’s online behavior in the winter time to come. The reason I think this way is I believe this is the first summer we are having with location based services such as foursquare and facebook places and a wide use of smartphones which enabled social sites to such a function. In the old days triangulating or gps used to be a thing of FBI and CIA. Now that smartphones have enabled us so much, including this fantastic wordpress application which works flawlessly in my slow-ass iPhone 3G, I’m sure well see a lot more of these cool stuff. One of these “cool stuff” is perhaps the mobile payment thing which I’m sure we’ll see in everyday life in a couple of years. I know I want to. Maybe we might even see “Oraj purchased a Carlsberg with his iPhone in Alaçatı” one day.


About Oraj Bodur

Suspected of having fibre cables instead of veins. Huh.

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