The New Google Fuss

For the past two weeks there has been one common subject that all blogs seem to be writing about; Google + (or plus whatever). It’s Google shot at making a successful social network. Google did try once more in the past with Google Wave but it hasn’t been that successful at all. It didn’t even create this much chatter in blogosphere. Now sadly I don’t have a Google + yet, but I am dying to get one. It has the classical Google “invitation only beta” thing going on. I love Google’s beta policy. I think it’s very good at both creating a fuss, since not everyone can get in, and it allows a cool bunch of people such as Google to share something they might have come up with while even joking around at a pub (not talking about Google +, obviously). I don’t personally think anyone is going to be switching off their facebook account just yet but I do believe in the long run Google + might be very successful. The reason for this is most of the people are already living in the Google cloud. Using Google + is the same thing with using an Android, it just makes stuff easier for you if everything is in one place. Another reason to switch to Google + from facebook, I think is that people don’t want to be “friends” with everyone anymore. It was totally cool to “accept” everyone as a friend, even if you’ve only said one word to each other. I think people have grown tired of that and now starting to want some privacy. Now of course facebook has very detailed privacy settings these days allowing you to set what you want to share with whom, but the difference of Google + is Circles. Facebook has privacy “settings” while Google has Circles as a “feature.” This might be something to consider when choosing which social network to choose. Either way we’ll see what happens as Google brings out one more weapon on the way to total world and internet domination.


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