The Apple WWDC

On June 6th Steve Jobs is taking the stage on Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Annually this conference shakes the tech community with aftershocks lasting for days. Last year, for instance, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 and the year before that iPhone 3GS. Like many geeks around the world, regardless of my feelings for Apple (which are not very nice at all) I’m also excited about the event. Apple will be sharing the details of iOS 5, OS X Lion and the much anticipated iCloud along with some surprises I’m sure. Of course there are some predictions like iCloud having a lot to do with streaming music service since there has been some reports that Apple signed with major record companies like EMI, Universal and Sony. Of course I have some thought of my own on what these new software could bring, but I’d much rather share my thoughts on these products after the details are announced and not make any predictions. Well whatever happens, as I said, the focus of discussion will probably be Apple for the upcoming weeks.

If you are interested in these kind of things the place to follow this event along with the best reports on all tech news is It’s “the temporary home of” some of the best writers in the technology world. Whatever it becomes I’m sure it will be quite awesome. You can find some info and link for the liveblogs for the WWDC and the other press conferences which will take place in E3 here.


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