Why Windows 8 Will Work (or WW8WW)

Microsoft just unveiled “Video #1” of the new version of Windows. I’m sure lots of people were waiting for this, I know I was. I think that Microsoft is trying to renovate that image of “old and lazy OS.” And I honestly think it’s doing a nice job for a company that big. Windows 7 changed lots of things, including people’s thought that shaped after Vista, which was the thought that Microsoft was just full of crap. Microsoft also got into the smartphone game with Windows Phone 7, which still has some distance to cover, but that will also start to change as Nokia embraced WP7 as its new OS. Windows 8 looks a lot like WP7 with the “Metro UI.”

I think the Metro UI works great for touch screens which is getting much much bigger than only the smartphone market. It’s much bigger than only that because I believe one can now say the age of tablets has begun and as always Microsoft wants to get in there as well. There has been some Windows 7 tablets around but Windows 8 it seems is aiming for the top with an OS that is combining the capability of doing things you would normally do on your laptop or desktop and bringing that sleek, fun interface built specially for a touchscreen. Here is the “Video #1” :

Now the reason I think this two-UI thing is going to work is it already does to some extend. For example you have your browser for your research,reading and mailing and stuff, and you either have a tab or another window open for facebook or you have the tweetdeck right beside your browser. With this kind of double UI, it seems, you just pull it from one side instead of switching windows. I think it’s great that you can have two different UI’s and that you can choose between them depending on what you want to do. I also have to add here that the Metro UI makes a great desk stand since those little boxes are interactive and can provide feeds and stuff (I just had to get this thought out of my head).

Another big reason why it will work is because people need Windows on tablets, as I pointed out in a previous post. This OS would be just perfect for a tablet because it also has the resources to (given that you have the needed hardware on the tablet, which we’ll eventually have) run big programs such as photoshop. Also, if you put this on tablet, you don’t really have any problem finding the app you have used for how-long-you-can’t-remember, because it will run it on the normal Windows UI you have been using, and I think that’s pretty damn clever. I’m also guessing that it will have a separate app store, or whatever they call it, for the Metro UI, similar to the iPhone-iPad app stores. And since Microsoft will put the new Windows 8 in millions of laptops and desktops (which I’m sure some will have touchscreens from now on) a lot of developers will put some energy into developing apps for the new OS.

These are my thoughts on the new Windows 8, or what it looks like in that video. I’ll try to post some more thoughts as more of these videos pop up. And we shall see if W8 will be worth the trouble!


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