Thoughts on Tumblr and blogging and WP

I’ve seen lots of tumblr blogs pop up recently. Yeah, tumblr is pretty awesome. One could think with a lot of people switching to tumblr, in addition to the new bloggers picking tumblr over other blogging platforms, WordPress might not like the situation. But contrary to popular belief, WordPress is not like tumblr or blogger. Yes, hosts blogs for free, which is something most bloggers will stick to, but I think it’s the that really matters. I believe many people might not know the difference. WordPress is a downloadable, free, open source content management system for blogs and is now becoming more popular for just regular websites. I’ve used other popular content management systems like Joomla! and Drupal and I have to state that I’m not the best expert, but I’m not the worst one either. I can say with confidence that these two popular content management systems are old and pretty hard to use for people who don’t have certain amount of knowledge with html and are not very tech savvy. I believe that they need much improvement.

WordPress, I think, has a potential to become much more than just a blogging platform (even though it isn’t just that anymore right now). I believe it’s going to become the most used cms. First of all it’s used widely by many bloggers already. It’s open source and it’s very easy to get it to do whatever you want it to do and get it to look like however you want it to. It’s sleek and it’s easy to use, which seems to be one of the decisive aspects in picking a cms for your new website, because it might not be used only by tech savvy people.

I don’t want this to sound like hate speech. I definitely like tumblr. I’m sure it convinced a lot of people to start blogging because it doesn’t just have to be writing about something. All I’m trying to say is WordPress is now a lot more than just a blog cms. I feel that it is now on a different track than blogging platforms. I feel that it will become an even more powerful tool for many people who want to create functional and sleek websites.


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