The Tablet Storm

The year 2011 is going to be the year of the tablet, doesn’t matter if it is the iPad 2 or the Xoom. People are just arguing about which tablet is the best and which one is going to win. I’ll tell you who will win, everyone who is using this technology somehow, be it a consumer reading an e-book or an app developer who is using the tablet platform to make a living or Steve Jobs himself (duh) who sells the thing. People are so attached to their, oh-mine-is-the-best, products that they fail to see that it going to be a win-win situation whatever happens. This technological breakthrough which I’m sure will affect our lives greatly (no exaggeration here, I personally could not live a day without my smartphone) is just awesome, and we should just enjoy this awesomeness. Now I’m not suggesting that there should not be any arguments or criticizing about tablets; I believe these things drive competition and innovation. In fact I think in a market which is so consumer driven, critics and feedback is one of the most influential aspects in developing a new or a better product.

After talking about and admiring tablets, I feel the need to state I do not own and neither planning on buying one soon. The reason for this is of course totally personal. Tablets cannot do what my laptop does yet; I must have my Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or whatever with me at all times. Though I’m sure there are some drawing and image manipulation apps out there, it is not enough for designers or for perhaps developers. Of course this is totally normal since the tablet is just a child right now and I’m certain they will become powerful computers in the near future.

For closure I’m going to repeat myself: do not hate the “other” or the “minority” tablet for no apparent reason, love them all. Because in the end the reason the tech company in your heart makes improvements its product is because someone else is making that tablet you hate.


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