Thoughts on the “magical” iPhone

My dislike for Apple grew for around one year now. As of today I really do not like Apple. The reason? My “magical” iPhone 3g I got back in February 2009. When the iPhone first came out, I knew I had to wait for the next iPhone because it was absolutely obvious that Apple was going to make another one; the iPhone did not have 3g connectivity. So then I guess first generation iPhone was Apple’s experiment. I live in a country where technology is not cheap, and the first gen iPhone was not available in Turkey anyways (not that I couldn’t get my hands on one if I wanted to). So I got my iPhone 3g. It was absolutely awesome with thousands of apps to download and all. Then came the 3gs which had way much better performance, but it didn’t make that big of a difference then. Then came the “perfect” iPhone 4 with new iOS 4. I downloaded the new OS so fast, only to see that my iPhone 3g was struggling to keep up with the OS. Now it’s been 6 months since I’ve been using iOS 4, and I have to say that my iPhone does just a little bit more than what a brick does.

For people who don’t know breaking a device to a point where it has lost its capabilities is called “bricking.” I don’t know any other company other than Apple which bricks their own devices. I don’t know what I was thinking when I was actually buying my first Apple device (nope I never owned an iPod and probably never will). I absolutely hate Apple’s policy of always making a better version of the exact same product. They always have the technology and the ability to make the product that will poses the potential of a next year’s product, yet they never ever do. Apple may look like a “hip and cool” company who actually cares about their customers, but I think Apple is just using this image to exploit the consumers even more.

I downloaded an app yesterday guess what, it didn’t work. Do you know why? Because my iPhone 3g’s memory is not enough to run that app. Now I absolutely understand that all new apps are being created with iPhone 4 in mind; it has a valid justification. But what I cannot understand is it shouldn’t be that hard to add a single line of code to prevent me from buying that app because my iPhone’s memory is not enough. Now some apps do write that older generation iPhone’s will not run the app but not all of them does. There’s one reason why Apple does not write up such code, and that is it wants me to buy iPhone 4, which I will not use even if Apple gives it to me for free. I advise my friends not to buy iPhone 4 because they will all become brick after Apple releases the iOS 6 or something. But of course that is just what consumers do, they just go and buy the next big thing.

P.S: here is what I’m going to do with my new mobile device. I’ll buy the new Motorola Xoom which is absolutely awesome and get a not so end of the line (nexus one?) android and ditch my laptop to get a monster desktop for gaming.


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