Copyright has become a huge issue for the entertainment industry because of increase (or decrease recently) of piracy. The industry is pushing the congress for tougher laws. Moreover, they are making their own laws in the form of Digital Right Management systems. These might be either encryptions that makes it impossible to copy a content or watermark the song you bought to see if you distribute it in p2p networks. Whatever the big copyright holders do, I think they will not succeed in blocking the technology from distributing the content or creating new content without the creator paying up some cash. Why, you say? Because, I know that there will always be some coder, computer scientist, whatever you want to call it, that believes in the freedom of speech which will crack that best DRM ever. I’m not predicting that the big entertainment companies will go bankrupt or anything. I’m just saying that whatever they do, they will not succeed to suppress the biggest invention of humanity, internet. I know that sounds too dramatic, or maybe I’m overestimating the internet. But if you think about it real hard, it had enabled humans to share everything, including the illegal software.


About Oraj Bodur

Suspected of having fibre cables instead of veins. Huh.

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