World of Warcraft

If there must be something to blame myself about not posting, it is definitely world of warcraft. Yes, that game. Last week, on Monday night, me and 3 buddies went to a store which sold the game at the release date, at midnight. We bought the game and pulled an all nighter plus few hours in to the day. Now, some might consider this anti-social, waste of time, unproductive. I cannot argue that it is not unproductive. However, it’s not a waste of time. The game has simply become the platform I use to connect with my friends who are either abroad, or lives far away, or is simply too busy to get out of the house or office. Of course, it is not only me that thinks the game has become a social interaction rather than just a game. Blizzard designed the game specifically so the game included social interactions. And with the implementation of the RealID system, which allows the player to add the person, rather than the character, to the friends list, this interaction got a nice touch so to say. So, if I was to justify the time put into playing the game, which I shouldn’t need to anyways, I would justify it by stating that the time spent was spent with my friends. Some people might not understand that, but most people don’t understand most people anyways, and that’s simply the beauty of our society.


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  1. I usually don’t normally post on many Blogs, nevertheless I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

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