The World of Internetz

Today, I’ve decided to learn html and css. Now, I have no future plans to become a web designer or something similar, but I have plans to become an online media expert, or social media expert or something like that.  Well there is something certain, I want my job to be closely related to internet. Now you might say that there is not a single job that is not related to the internet in some way anymore. That is true, but what I am interested is the online sociality, not being online. Internet is becoming one of the major marketing platforms out there. The big corporations are only realizing the power of this new marketing tool. What makes internet unique in marketing is the way you are able to get useful feedback. You can see if a person clicked on the ad, and eventually bought the product. That was a data which used to be very hard to get. So I’m thinking that marketing used to be art, to attract customers by beauty and creativity. Now it seems it’s a science, by having more solid data. But that doesn’t necessarily make it bad. I mean who can say that science is bad anyways?

Anyways, the point I thinking to make at the beginning of this post is this: if a person is to sell cakes, or investigate how cakes make people happy or use the cake as a tool for reaching out to people I feel that this person must know how to bake a cake. This is why I want to learn the ingredients and methods of making (or baking)  a website. Yes, I know the web might be dead, but I’ll learn how to build an app too eventually!..


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Suspected of having fibre cables instead of veins. Huh.

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